Experience the Veldman family sustainable dairy farm!

Come and experience farm life on the Veldzicht Hoeve. We are a family run farm that consists of an energy-neutral and sustainable dairy, a farmshop with world famous Beemster cheese and other hand picked local products. We also have a purpose built barn conversion area that is ideal for meetings, seminars, courses, workshops, tours and other events you can think of. A perfect location for events with family, friends and colleagues; just 45 minutes from Amsterdam!

Joep, Constance, Lenthe and Gijs Veldman are on hand to welcome you to the family business, founded in 1965 by our parents. Since 2015 we pride ourselves in telling people about our sustainable dairy farm, with over 100 cows being milked by a robot. The milk from our herd is collected from us to create beautiful Beemster cheese. During the hotter months, from April to September, we also make our own ice cream. We use the best ingredients to make the tastiest food!

We care about our cows!
Animal welfare is the most important thing on our farm. Our cows are fed on a vlog-free, non-genetically manipulated soy free diet. In the winter they live in spacious barns, during the rest of the year the cows walk outside in the meadow enjoying the Dutch weather. The solar panels on the barn roof, provide enough power to make us self-sufficient. The cows drink collected rain water and our house is heated by heat pumps. The heat pump hoses run underneath the manure cellars which means that the water in the tubes is heated by the cow dung. We try not to let anything go to waste.

Has this made you curious? We are really passionate and would love to tell you so much more. Come and watch our movie and take a tour. Check our website for the possibilities.

We look forward to welcoming you.
Warm regards Veldman family

Farmshop and terrace
We opened our farm shop in December 2018. Proudly stocking Beemster cheese, dairy products, eggs, homemade ice cream in the summer months (April till September) and hand picked products from the whole of the Netherlands and especially from our own region. We hand make creative gift boxes, baskets and the like in prices to suit all budgets. No wish is too crazy for us as all are custom made for you. In mid-October we open our Christmas exhibition at the shop that showcases all kinds of options for Christmas packages and Christmas presents, both for individuals as well as companies.

The Royal Cono is the most sustainable and green cheese making company in the world. Every day on our farm we take care of our animals with love, therefore the cows provide the tastiest milk for our cheeses. Come along to try all kind of cheeses in the shop, you’ll find a cheese that is right for you, from our mild young cheeses to our full flavoured aged cheeses. Do you want to take cheese back home to your own country?

No problem, we vacuum and label all cheeses, so you don't have any problems at customs, plus of course it keeps the cheese fresh. Our farm shop is open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. During the summer holidays from April to end August, we extend these opening hours to seven days a week. Please check back to our website to find out the exact opening hours. There are tours and tasting evenings that take place, at the end you always have the possibility to visit the farm shop to see what delights we have to offer.

During summer you can take a seat on our terrace for a tasty sandwich, a cheese/sausage board, a fantastic farm ice cream and a glass of fresh juice, soft drinks or fresh milk. A fantastic opportunity to watch your children get closer to nature whilst you relax enjoying the beautiful North Holland landscape.

Hope to see you soon!

Adult Farm Tours
Come and take a tour on a sustainable dairy farm that is only 45 minutes from Amsterdam! Join a group tour or book a private tour with your own friends and family. Our tours take place in either Dutch, English or German. Join us to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into a beautifully sustainable and self-sufficient dairy farm, with (in our opinion) the most sweet and cutest cows from the Netherlands. A hyper modern barn with miliking robots, cow brushes, solar panels, rainwater basin, and so much more! Since 2018 we received hundreds of visitors from all over the world: families, friends, tourists, students, and farmers, all interested in how sustainability can be an integral part of a farm.

During your visit, you start by watching a film about the total business process, “the farm all through the year”. This film answers lots of questions and often creates more, so as we continue on outside on the tour we have lovely discussions. After the tour we have a small tasting and you can visit our farm shop. If you need a lunch, we happily take care of it for you, we can also create picnics for you to take away. Returning guests tell us best, the tour is interesting, educational, fun and unforgettable!

All tours can be booked by appointment, also on Saturdays. We apply special prices for students, schools, bus companies and study groups.


Group tour (mixed) € 14, 50 p.p. ( at least 8 people) during 2, 5 hours
Private group tour € 18,50 p.p. ( at least 8 people) during 2, 5 hours.


Group activities
On our farm it is also possible to enjoy an activity together with your family or friends, such as yoga between the cows, creative workshops, teambuilding activity or an e-chopper tour through the surrounding area. Interested? Just give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will tell you more!